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released July 17, 2010

Lyrics by James Han, Chung Lee, & Sam Ock

Recorded, Produced, Edited & Mixed by Sam Ock
Scratches on On My Knees and Shine by Descry (The Nehemiah Band)
Addidtional scratches on Shine by DJ Zo



all rights reserved


Good Fruit Co.

Our passion is to engage culture to nourish souls and renew lives for Christ through music.

This hope is rooted in the Gospel message that, "God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)
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Track Name: Hummingbird
Hello Hummingbird

Hello hummingbird, will you hear my song?
Can you tell me if I'm really right, or if I'm wrong?
'cause I feel like I'm walking oh so aimlessly
Is this really who I want to be?

(Sam Ock)
So I’m sitting at my table staring at my bowl of Cheerios
Dreading the full day routine that's ahead of me
Puttin' on my shoes, my jacket, checkin' on my clothes
Starting the car, thinking "is this what I want to be?"
To be a product of the next, new trend
To be a product that was created by my friends
To shape the way I am just to gain some acceptance
What exactly defines your independence?
Can I really say "Yes, I am satisfied"?
When I know deep inside that I never really try
Will I find some worth in that new, shiny thing?
At the end of the day, am I worth anything,
Or not? Will I rot in my own complacency?
Is this path that I'm walking helping me to be free?
Free as a bird try'na fly with clipped wings
Sometimes I just want to break out and sing


(Sam Ock)
So for the second verse, let's try double-time
Get a new state of mind. Can I just go with the flow?
Do I show by the way that I walk and I talk
It ain't lip service, I'm breaking the mold
So cold, your shoulders they turn away
Even though you may try so hard to fit in, you simply can't relate
Can I get an "amen" to the fact that everyone is an attention whore?
Even though three 'lefts' make a 'right' it don't mean that you gotta even the score (jerk..)
So bored, can I really just live this way?
Waiting for the next big thing, just biding my time 'till everything comes my way
Yes, I'm lazy, my favorite thing to do is to "YouTube"
With a big stack of Oreos and a glass of milk (oh, you too?? I see.)
Maybe I should really consider just doing some actual work
'stead of watching this anime, it's truly turning my mind to dirt
We say "screw the media!" but it's like an I.V. into our veins
Just try going two weeks without connections, makes you go insane.
If only we could make some better use of our time
I know! I'll end this verse with me singing in rhyme (it go)


Oh man, I gotta go to work tomorrow. Bro I'm dreading it.
This job is killing me, I just wanna get rid of it.
But I can't cause it pays the bills and fills my belly with a lot of meals.
I gotta plow this field. Feels like a routine, I'm running in a circle like a potter's wheel.
I think I'm wasting my time, my mind, and my energy.
I'm being stretched thin; I'm vexed and I'm stressed
while I'm drenched in a pool of repetitive mediocrity.
I'd rather be a mother lugging kids around wearing soccer-tees.
So everybody wants to know what my future holds, I don't really know.
Everyone of my friends got a future goal on a golden road, told you before
I'm not like Socrates, full of purpose and direction.
Can you tell me where to go, yo where is my destination?
I'm getting impatient, I've been waiting for a statement
to be written up on a billboard or a sky scraper.
I just want to move forward and see a brighter day.
So while I wait I'll just sit here and say.
Track Name: Never Change
Our love for each other was so pure.
I looked out for you, you reached out to me.
We would never be separated by simple aberration,
cause of regular collaborations.
Yes, our times together were so sweet and
on the weekends we would have our meetings.
You were seeking my attention,
you called me every single day for conversation.
You were confident even when the problems hit.
Obstacles and potholes were challenges.
You trusted me amidst your disarray.
I hoped you stayed to hear what I had to say.
My encouragement was your strength to carry on,
even though you relied on Dom Perignon.
You wanted a higher love, I provided.
You are my bride, why did you fight it?

You wanna be together with me for eternity?
You turn your head the other way and choose to feed your greed.
You are my masterpiece, I have washed your feet.
My love for you will never change, I will never change.

No matter what the world says about you.
Truth will always stand and it'll bear fruit.
Sometimes you're embarrassed of me
and yet so arrogant to your peers like pharisees.
Heresy floats on the surface.
Instead of building on my rock, you decide to throw them.
You would greet me with a cloaked passion
but lacked the compassion, you actor.
You act up, attracted to blasphe-
"me, myself, and I" mentality.
The fallacy in that you ain't really worthy
you're not the master says Luke 17.
I married you, I've tasted the tea you brewed
If you ain't hot for me, then you're dispensable.
I don't care how sweet you were.
Today make sure you pick up your cross and follow my word.


(Sam Ock)
You're holding out for something big to happen
All you really need are my arms to be wrapped in
You know that, but you refuse to admit that I am the only one that you're lackin
What happened to the passion? You're lazy
Letting all the stupid things drive you crazy
I told you, I am everything you're ever gonna need
So please let go of it all,
You see the pain that I felt for you then?
The gift you received with your every single "amen?
It's been a few days, months, or years since the last time I took away your fears, your tears
I miss you...well did you know that?
I paid the price so you never gotta look back
All I want is to love and be loved in return.
Track Name: Touch
I wanna share a love with you uncanny, indescribable
Beyond all fathom and understanding incomprehensible
There's a love that goes beyond what you could ever think of
Someone who loves despite the wrong you've done or lies you made up.
Knowing your every move, yet died for you, mistakes He cleaned up
Pursues to speak to you when you refuse to view the Maker
He knows your pains and trials, challenges when life is weighed up
In the troubles of this world, but that's all been paid up
He's poured out everything and overcame this world of sin
Iniquities of men removed from those who believe in Him
I apologize for views of Christ that's given falsely
By condemning Christians, Jesus came to save the lost sheep
For He came not to condemn the world, but to save
He wants to save you, question is will you believe today
And it's grace through faith, believe in the One He sent
Jesus Christ, crucified for all so all may come to Him
Repent confess your sins to Jesus, watch Him wash you clean
And listen to the Holy Spirit teaching you what Scriptures mean
God wants relationship, no religious principles
For He will mold you how He sees fit, if you learn to just let go

For those who've tried the church and been treated like dirt.
There's no excuse to justify the hurt we caused.
We're not perfect, full of flaws. Quick to anger, slow to pause.
I know that we tend to go and bark at others, while pointing with filthy paws.
But the men of God are standing up, the boys are starting to man it up.
The beautiful bride of Christ is shining and setting the standard (What?).
We're here to love you and bear the image of Jesus Christ.
No glitz and glamor, no fancy grammar or flashing lights.
I drop the stones of hate and pick up my cross on my shoulders.
I won't jabber or jab you cold knocking out your molars.
My God will raise up that prostitute or beggar, in fact.
He'll wipe them clean, then lead 'em forward never looking back!

I just want you, not who you want to be.
I just want you (just you).
I just want you, not who you want to be.
I just want you.

(Sam Ock)
Justification through faith, not works, I know it well
Even with that reassurance, Lord, I can tell
My current state of mind is drifting far away from you
What do I do, what do I do, I wanna be renewed!
It’s so hard to let go of this guilt, I know that
The battle’s already won by your son, I know that
You empathize with my every pain but still
And Lord, it’s hard to stand here with my arms open
‘Cause I feel that my spirit will remain broken
But Lord, even in this drought give me strength
To hold on tight to this faith and to your grace
I just want to feel your love like I used to
I just want to feel your love like I used to
I just want to feel your love like I used to
I just want to feel your love like I used to

Track Name: Prayers
(Sam Ock)
Lord, I gotta be honest with these words
Sometimes your gospel seems so absurd
Unheard of, the way that you wash me clean
Everytime I know, I repent and I am clean
Everytime I'm hypnotized by another screen
I know Lord, I fall down, you pick me up
An endless cycle, you never give up
Yet Lord, my faith is weak, I'm a worm
The vision of my sinfulness makes me squirm
I KNOW! I know of your love
I've felt it before, your presence from above
Yet it's so hard...for me to just let go
I let my face cover EVERYTHING THEY DON'T KNOW.
It just clenches my mind, all the pictures of my past
Yet, your grace just washes me clean when I ask

You say that You listen to prayers from all Your sons.
Even though we often take advantage of Your love.
Please take me to a place of deeper understanding.
Lord don't abandon Your sheep, I will be stranded.
I wanna know Your heart, I want You to my standard.
Help me to love my brothers without being demanding.
My heart's feeling calloused, I am thrown off balance
by those who mess with my equilibrium with their malice.
Father fill me up with Your compassion for the masses.
It's obvious I need a new prescription for my glasses
on a daily, it's crucial that you renew my mind
cause I review my crimes that you put on Jesus Christ.
I wanna treat all my sisters with utter righteousness.
But it's so hard when they throw on that skimpy little dress.
Elohim, please give me a deeper measure of wisdom.
I gotta keep my focus on Your cross and Your Kingdom.

Father, I yearn for close encounters with You
You know where You brought me from and what I've been through
These acts of sin try and penetrate my skin
But I thank You for Your protection against all of 'em
But hold on, my struggles lately have been driving me crazy
All these theological concepts, the doctrines of men
Studies of Your Word, so many views causing the separation called denominations
and its really tearing me up within
Cuz I can't call it, what's the real truth in Your speaking
Every pastor sounds so convincing, my brain is leaking
I feel like one being caught up in the waves of doctrine
Swaying side to side, getting lost and feeling like an imbecile
Lord I wanna press into You, reveal a deeper measure of truth
Holy Spirit minister to my heart, implant the righteous fruit
Teach me like You taught the disciples
I desire to grow in Your truth and not by some man's study of the Bible
Track Name: Hope
(Sam Ock)
There are times in my days when around me comes a wave of doubt
I just want to scream out loud,
“What the heck am I doing here? God, why does it seem like you’re really just ignoring my tears?”
I thought that when I’m founded in you, I’d kiss my fears a sweet farewell too…
But why can’t I go out and defend your name,
While the world is attacking all the ones who hold faith?
I save face, instead of willing to be despised
And I forget that there’s only one set of eyes
Looking down upon me, with a heart full of love
No matter how much I fall, you still say “enough,
My child, I’ve already won the battle for you,
All you need to do is to cling to my truth”
Lord, while I’m climbing this slope
Please help me to keep you as my only hope

When I struggle in the storm, I choose to rejoice.
When I'm weak and feeling helpless, I choose rejoice.
Even though my situation isn't getting better
I will choose to rejoice and praise my Lord.
When I feel like I'm alone, I choose to rejoice.
Whenever I get spit on, I choose to rejoice.
Even though my situation isn't getting better
I will choose to rejoice and praise my Lord.

There's hope through addiction, hope through affliction
Hope when everything seems emptied and missing
Tears of sorrow pouring down your cheeks like waterfalls
Last memories of happiness difficult to recall
Scarred and hardened by the challenges we face in life
Broken hearted cuz nothing ever seems to go right
Hope has lost its meaning, attitudes are shifting
Pessimistic perspectives has birthed a state of drifting
Discouragement steering the sails above depressing waters
No matter where you look, sorrow and pain appearing larger
The walls are closing in, escape is looking dim
But there is Someone reaching through the mess your drowning in
He's the lover of your soul, He'll never let you go
Knowing the times are hard, but perseverance builds and molds
Shaping the shattered clay, scraping the matters away
Hope in His grace can bring rejoicing through the rain


(Bridge x2)
Face to the floor, hands held high.
Can't take it anymore; Lord, I'm tired.
Will I see Your joy coming in the morning sky?
Will I see Your joy coming in the morning sky?

I heard of many victorious stories.
Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of a burnt glory
that stood up in the past, columns were pretty sturdy.
They were all the big shots something like Robert Horry.
They boasted about the bricks they built upon the sand.
Stood in a band of thirty men with similar plans.
Then the tsunami arrived and washed away their kingdoms.
Their castles and accolades demolished in an instant.
But amidst all the horror, there was the redemption.
Exemption from the debt, the past wasn't even mentioned.
Healing of the hurt, cleaning of the dirt.
Rays of light were beaming on the surface of their shirts.
I thought that the grass was greener on the other side.
Now I see my struggles are vital for me to thrive.
God calls me His beloved every single day.
No matter the circumstances my hope will never sway.
Track Name: Be Still
(Sam Ock)
God, why am I so obsessed with me?
Don’t I proclaim that you’re the only one I see?
Don’t I believe that your son, he set me free?
Why do I challenge this path you set for me?
Seems that we’re adamant on chasing these dreams,
Bent on the images from television screens
Why do I hog all the blessings that you lent?
Why can’t I get myself to give more than ten percent?
Job security, my business, my ministry,
My own idea of what the church should be…how
Did I get so jaded, so lost to the fact that I should keep my hard instead of yours, God?
May I go where you go, hurt where you hurt,
See what you see especially in the church
Will I pray for just enough to get by
Or will I keep on believing that your will is for the good of my life?
Not for you or your people

As I'm sitting patiently waiting for the Lord to speak
Wait a minute, to be honest, I'm too anxious to sit
Be still and know that He is Lord
My biggest struggle cuz all the time I'm taking matters into my own hands
Like Abraham and Sarah, looking to Hagar to give birth in whats promised
Relying on my own experience and logic
Lord, the passion I had for you has turned to what I do
My eyes are fixed upon the ministry instead of fixed on You
Father, I used to sit in peace soaked in Your presence still and quiet
Listening to Your voice that calmed the mental riots
But now I'm fighting with my strength walking in Your calling
Lord help me cuz my feet will always be 2 steps from falling
I desire to be in Your secret dwelling places
Take this ambitious drive inside of me and bless me with serenity
That I may be weak in the presence of the Son of Man
Strengthened by the peace that transcends all to understand

Sometimes it's hard to see the bigger picture.
It's hard to see that God is working on something within you.
He promised that He had a perfect plan for me.
He said I am highly favored and His masterpiece.
So why do I sit here and mope?
when I should be joyful and filled up with hope. oh
But wait I see most of my friends chasing careers
determined to make a solid living in the next four years.
It's surreal, I feel like I am falling behind.
I don't see myself making 6 figures in my lifetime.
My family urges me to be the provider.
To be a wealthy businessman with a Benz as my ride.
But no, I'm at a fork, I'm torn; God, what should I do?
I don't wanna disappoint my parents or deny You.
I know that in my weakness, Your power is perfected.
I know that in my weakness, Your power is perfected.
Track Name: On My Knees
(Sam Ock)
You, my God, you epitomize ‘Love’
The word that only you are the definition of
You give it out so readily to all who desire
Even though behind your back, as sinners we conspire
How deep and amazing is your never-ending grace
‘Cause all we’re gonna do is smash it into your face
The kind of people we are man, we’re going down hill
We live to die, die to live, we readily kill
I must pain you to see people just like me
Who never stop falling to the ground, we’re so weak
Day in and day out we say we’re really true
But really sometimes I’m hiding feelings from you
Use me, God, even though I’m little in worth
Compared to your presence, Lord you made the great earth
And all I do is think about your own creation
Here I am, once again, facedown and I’m on my knees
I’m on my knees
I’m on my knees
Lord, I’m on my knees

I was nothing ‘fore I met You
Committed in my ways, never understood that I was supposed to live for You
Weekly church, paying tithes, helping out
Thinking these works comprised the meat of what the Christian life's about
So my life consisted of my persistence in the things I could do for You
Naive to perceive the path that You set for me
Walking in selfish agendas, good intentions, but it was not what You planned for me
I made it all about what I can do for You, pursue these visions in mind
leading me down meaningless avenues
Till You renewed my mind, it's not about what I can yield
But humble myself so the King can live through me and be revealed
My hearts desire to depend on You for everything
Even when I'm confident of what to do, I'll ask my King
Jesus guide my path, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace
I lift all I am to You, so I'm on my knees
I’m on my knees
I’m on my knees, Lord
Yes, I’m on my knees

Father, I'm aching for my generation.
I feel the anguish in my heart and all my thoughts are racing, I know that you are patient.
Even though nobody wants to give you praise
and people choose to blame you for all their troubles and pain.
I will stand in the gap for all the lovers and haters.
Stand in the gap for every single nay-sayer
that is living on my campus, who got it all backwards.
Will you please redeem this land and clean up all the damage?
Overwhelm my brothers who are facing displacement.
I know that you will over flow all the cups of the vacant.
I see that apathy is spreading quite rapidly,
Feeling like I'm powerless, revival isn't happening.
So here I am on my knees again.
I'm in awe of your glory, got a peace within.
So here I am on my knees again.
I'm amazed by your grace, got a peace within.
I’m on my knees
Father, I’m on my knees
I’m on my knees
(Yea) I’m on my knees
Track Name: Running
(Sam Ock)
I wanna be back in the place where I used to be
Lookin' at the world through a window and all that I really wanna see is a light, a spark
And I'd like to run as far as I can for you
My lord, my God, it's all for you
Even when I'm at the very last of my breaths, I'll run with you 'til I meet with death
But I know that I can't just look through a glass
Tore the veil, God, you took my past and made it
So fresh, so new, you showed me the dark and I learned how to
Keep lookin' for the light, keep walkin' takin' your hand when I always fall down
Chasin' your glory since you first found me, lonely, with nobody around

(Hook x2)
God you called out to me, so now I'm calling out to
You took my fetters that chained me to this world and broke them
Too many days I end up falling on my face...
Lord, give me your strength, for I will run this race

I'm walking along the shoreline, pondering what to say
I don't know what to expect, all I see is the dawn of day
The sun arises, the ocean's reflecting all of your beauty.
These rays of light are shining down upon me; "Lord here I am, please use me!"
Now I'm running in the fields of your glory; dancing in the clouds, I'm dazed.
cause the fragrance around me is so amazing, literally phased by grace.
We were face to face, back when our communion wasn't broken then.
Tugging and pulling, feels like I'm still living in a state of sin.
The cycle begins again, searching and seeking for dividends.
Your golden deposit, the seal, the spirit of God is teaching me how I should live
Victory's on the cross and all of our chains are tossed out!
Freedom from bondage, now I can go cause I've been bought out.
I'll keep my focus towards the heavens and future home.
But as for now, I'll be working hard with the land I own.
You give me purpose, eternal hope, and the living water.
Thank you my bread of life, my cornerstone, my loving father.

(Hook x2)

The epitome how a sinner be, running from the One who created me in His imagery
Gratifying in the sins, illiterate of the consequences it was costing Him on the tree
Yet while I was a sinner, He died for me, His bride to be, I'm proud to be
Called a son of God through Christ my Majestic Majesty
Pulled me from the dark shackles of the world, yokes crackled in the name of the Highest
Now I'm biased to the world, for the Lord poured living water when my soul was the driest
Quenching every need, finding contentment, on my knees, relentless praying never cease
With a peace that's endless, living in a love that depends on the One who is Tremendous
Runnin and chasin after the One and only Holy Messiah
Who kept me safe in His arms when living a life that deserved to expire
I aspire to be inspired Lord for You are the One I admire
I will run after You, pursue to be renewed daily, till my life has retired

(Hook x3)
Track Name: See You in Heaven
To all my people holding down the block for
the gospel like apostle Paul; I am pleased to
hear about your strong faith like the folks in Ephesians.
May the Father give you grace and peace and
bestow an overflow of understanding
for the hope He gives to man.
It is amazing to see the body of Christ
unite to stand together for God's commandments.
So keep fighting the good fight despite the violence
that might have been from the cunning leviathan.
I speak of 1 Peter 1: 6, 7.
cause ahead of us there's a wonderful joy in heaven.
It delighted the Father to adopt us
into His family, now we can call him 'Abba'.
Thank God for the guarantee
he made when he sent us the third eternal person of the trinity.

We are your church and you are our God.
We will give you all our praise.
And as our lives, they slowly come to an end.
As your church together we'll sing.

No need for dreaming, I'm reaching the Heavenly
Hills richer than Beverly, Holy Spirit my guarantee
Meet the Lord, face to face, thank the Father for His grace
Since the Lord saved my place, finished runnin in His race.
In His Kingdom and reapin the benefits
Of seeking His relevance, Concealing the venomous
Then healing the many sins, Through Jesus who's Heaven sent
So I'll praise Him all my life with glorifying intent
And I plan to see my brothers and sisters
Reach out and preach from the Scripture so they can see the great picture
Jesus died so we can share in His Kingdom, in Him from sin we have freedom
I hope you see that you need Him
Jesus pour out The Spirit, The Holy Counselor
Counsel us to be counselors, counsel the needing for Your Word
So we can usher our sisters and brothers
Lead 'em to a place like no other, Your Heavenly Realms forever dwell


(Sam Ock)
My brothers, my sisters, everyone I know
Remember the last thing that Jesus said was "Go"
Go make disciples of all and every nation/
We've been commissioned to spread this salvation
Have patience, God is working within
'Ruach HaKodesh' is helping you battle your sin
When you struggle, He uses you, His child
You will feel pain, but it's only for a while
Let your mind go of what has gone behind you
We always forget about what we're pressing on to
We long for, we stray, chasing other things
We forget that we're wearing these heavenly rings
As a reminder, we don't deserve His love
We don't deserve the grace, or embrace from the Son
Through glorification we can join the celebration
All of God's people together we say "Amen!"


Praise, praise the Lord
Praise, praise the Lord
Praise, praise the Lord
When all is done, we'll see you in Heaven


Track Name: Lies
(Sam Ock)
Hello there, hello miss, hello good sir!
I am known quite infamously as “the accuser”
User of the weak, poor, the rich and strong
Anyone, everyone has done a little wrong
And that’s my job, my fun, my joy
To take away the grace from every girl and boy
That was given from that “most high” through the one son
I aim to destroy you with a bullet from my gun. How?
Let me show you the tricks that are my trade:
Fool you, then blame you for all mistakes you made
I make you believe that you make your own worth
I plant a seed of pride inside of you during birth
It’s genius, I know! I thought of it all myself!
I brainwash you to think that happiness is wealth
Go ahead; let your life revolve around you
But you know, every moment I’ll be waiting there too.

We come to steal, kill, destroy, and wreak havoc.
We will do it quietly, they won't know what happened.
- Get 'em distracted with all the newest gadgets,
Consume their time with video games and manga chapters.
Activate a passion to be captivated with fashion.
Get 'em to obsess over the lives of Hollywood actors.
Tell them that they're lacking and need to find a filler.
Convince them to seek the high life and owning villas.
Advise them to get their swag up then flaunt it around.
Oh yea, the Christians I didn't forget about theses clowns.
Get 'em bored, high, low, in a place they'll never grow
When they let go of their faith, the waves of doubt will overflow
then drown 'em with guilt; now to the next ones:
a crew that grew up in the pews, yea these are the best ones.
They think they have it down, laboring for religion.
But they're just a bunch of fools working for hell's kitchen.

Wormwood, I was a victim of your deceiving schemes
Corrupting my spirit chasing after empty dreams
You almost had me, but Someone greater got a hold of me
The One who created you, saved me from your blasphemy
You had me going, but the all knowing God
Exposed your works in my life, you ignorant fraud
I laugh in your face, your ignorance amuses me
With Christ on my side, what could you possibly do to me?
Coward, all you can do is manipulate
You have no power, for Christ already sealed your fate
People will come to know, all your pathetic plans
You may have sin on your side, but we got the Holy Spirit man
Demonic forces rebel against the King who reigns
But God given His children authority in Jesus name
Exposing all your evil deeds, rebuke and cast you out
Oh, and don't forget to do my dishes on your way out
Track Name: The Vision
Please understand I've been to sunday service every week.
Steadily taking my notes and happily going to every retreat.
Serving the youth is a blast, but it's almost like a duty.
I'm running through the motions, except nobody can see right through me.
I know the rituals, what tools to use to fix you up.
Heard marvelous testimonies, but they all seem fictional.
I've been told that Christ alone is sufficient.
The Bible's so insipid, my soul isn't convinced to live different.

Well, the reason alone, we're prone to live condoning what the Lord has shown
Makin excuses, refusing to move just a step back allowing the Lord to use us
We just goto church, through the motions, losing focus on what truly brought us there in the first place
So we're doing plenty, but we're feelin empty, works rather than faith has become the main focus
If that's the case the cross is emptied, Christ is nullified and He died for nothing
But we signify that our works justify our place, we're living mediocre doing something
That's the issue, we're fixed to the thigns that we're doing thinking we're drawing ever closer to Christ
When the real picture is an intimate relationship, no wonder no desire lies to give up your life

See that's the thing, I know I gotta give up my life to the King.
But it's just so hard cause I keep on falling every time I step into the ring.
Even though I'm busy I still try to go and read a passage.
At least I'm not out drinking or partying like a savage.
I'm pretty sure you cannot lose salvation when you believe in Christ.
Plus if you profess Him as Lord with your mouth, then you got eternal life.
I think that's Romans 10, but bro it's my time to go.
It's been a long day, so I gotta make my way back home.

“Who is that? Wait...
I think it is... gasp...Lord, Lord!
Here I am! It's my time to enter your Kingdom Lord.
I'm really excited to sing with the angels and worship you Lord.
*Wait, what's happening? Why do I see darkness?
*[I never knew you, depart from me, you worker of lawlessness].
Noooo!!! All this time I thought my future was secure.
But I was such a fool, I was so sure I was kosher.
Now I gotta deal with this gnashing of teeth and burning flames.
Please! I don't wanna be like the rich man, give me one more day!
*RING!* Hello? Chung, man I'm so glad you called,
I just had a horrible dream.”

Your vision my brother is true to the very word spoken from Jesus our Lord
Matthew 7:21-22, He's seeking those living His will that's for sure
We can't be speaking His name and living according to selfish desires
Revelation 3:16, He's spewing the lukewarm into the fire
It's easy to claim that were Christians, confessing His name as Jesus the Christ
But how is your heart conditioned, indifferent? won't even give up your life.
You say you believe but the context in Greek defines the word, to commit
And here we are giving up nothing, masking ourselves as truly legit
Confess or professing His name acknowledging He is Lord above all
Includes dependance on Him for we cannot stand, without Jesus we'll fall
It's more than saying the words, its backing it up and walking the walk
But the Scripture's been watered so down, we think we are saved by merely our talk

Wow! I thought that going to church was enough for me.
But now I see my wrongs, I need deeper intimacy.
I need to commit, by giving my all to my savior Christ.
I lay my own desires down, Lord I give You my life.
Track Name: Abandon
(Sam Ock)
Forsaking all I know for Your cause
Giving up all I want for You
Leaving my world behind me
To follow Your words, Your cross, Your truth

Casting my fears aside me
Looking to the cross ahead
Breaking down the idols in me
Replacing them with You instead
I give myself to You

for it's time to abandon things I once knew
And everything I dearly held onto
Jesus you’re my treasure my one true King
you’re the only reason my heart will sing
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Be my everything

(Shine Kim)
Casting my fears aside me
Looking to the cross ahead
Breaking down the idols in me
Replacing them with You instead
I give myself to You

For it's time to abandon things I once knew
And everything I dearly held onto
Jesus You’re my treasure my one true King
You’re the only reason my heart will sing
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Be my everything, oh be my everything (oh)

For it's time to abandon things I once knew
And everything I dearly held onto
Jesus You’re my treasure my one true King
Your the only reason my heart will sing
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Be my everything

Be my everything, oh Lord, oh Lord, be my everything
my everything. Oh Lord, be my everything
Track Name: Shine
This song is dedicated to folks who are heavy laden.
Driven by a hoax that the world provokes with a couple statements.
Do whatever you want in your life and live as you please.
Hedonism is the end and knowledge is the means.
We're created in His image,
God began a work that He will finish, bro this ain't a gimmick.
We were once separated; living as a desolated
race, wasting our praises on idols. Now we're feeling vacant.
But thank the Father for Jesus who was spit on,
shunned by His kids, skin whipped, but did no wrong.
The Son took my wrath cause he was the perfect lamb
sacrifice; now I'm in the light and on the narrow path.
Redeemed through His blood, forgiveness of sin
We gotta understand that we have been adopted.
Riches of His grace and mercy overflow so we will go
and shine for Christ using our gifts and more! (OH!)

We will shine.
We will shine.
Lord, we will not be ashamed.
We will shine.
We will shine.
Lord, please cast our fears away.

Given abilities to bring the gospel vividly
Explicitly without vagueness or ambiguity
A chosen generation set aside to sow and reap
Radical movers for the Kingdom, wake up from your sleep
Passion's defined as the state of being acted on
By external forces, so where is passion from
Some outer force is driving you toward the goals you set
Notice you have the ability, so goals are met
The parable of talents, each one was given some
According to his ability, the task was done (Matthew 25:15)
The Lord begins to stir passion inside of you
According to your ability for good works in Christ prepared for you (Ephesians 2:10)
The Spirit's living and giving the ammunition for fishing;
The Great Commission, condition the hearts who listen; (Matthew 28:18)
Rendition of Scripture written through talented exposition
Break complacent dispositions, sold out for Christ who's risen!


(Sam Ock)
I know its not for me that I am given this,
but still my pride, my sin it's hard to let it go.
may i not be a lamp that's hidden by it's shade
but a sound-full of love and air-full of praise Lord
break me down and build me back up and fill me
with purpose, motives aligned with yours.
I'm afraid to give everything to you,
but please let me shine.

We're gonna shine with everything we got!
We're gonna shine with everything we got!
We're gonna shine with everything we got!
We gotta stop putting the gospel in a box yo!