Glory Songs

by AMP

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released July 29, 2012

Lyrics by James Han, Chung Lee, & Sam Ock

Recorded, Produced, Edited & Mixed by Sam Ock
Scratches on No Other Place and People's Song by Descry (The Nehemiah Band)



all rights reserved


Good Fruit Co.

Our passion is to engage culture to nourish souls and renew lives for Christ through music.

This hope is rooted in the Gospel message that, "God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)
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Track Name: Amplify
Author and Perfector, Chief Shepherd
the Holy-Righteous One possessing the highest scepter
Messiah, the prophesied One to come
Word became flesh, You are the only begotten Son
Infinitely rich, for us became poor
Homeless, Suffering Servant, the Man of Sorrows
Humiliated, beaten beyond recognition
whipping scourges ripping the flesh off Your back then carried the cross
The crown of thorns were lethally poisonous
causing swelling, nausea, vomiting, convulsions
Every breath was agonizing from the nails
You could’ve called a legion of angels to assail
But You chose to give Yourself as The Sacrifice
becoming sin, so with God we could be made right
Live eternally in the heavenly places
but for now I’ll make You known among the nations

*I will live
to make you known
to make you known
across the earth

Lord I pray
your will be done
your will be done
across the earth

Sam Ock
Ever since the moment we fell
took a shot from the bullet, the Serpent’s shell
suddenly it opened, the mouth of Hell
and spewed its lies, we believed so well
We exchanged the glory of God
with these mortal images, so mundane
Lord, our rebellion is so strong
who in the world can rid the black stains
Then conceived, the Prince of Peace
dove in the waters, swam the black sea
Drank of the cup that was for you and me
gave us the new way founded in He
And i realize there is only but one
purpose for the people under one Son
For the glory of His name and fame,
AMPLIFY, LORD won’t you reign!!

Remember when you were drunk for the whole night,
then abandoned by your friends in a cold night,
and found yourself in an alley with no light?
Confused and lost; rescue was in no sight.
You’re wondering how it got to this moment.
Tryna live right to right my wrongs - atonement.
I fill up my life with shallow enjoyments
to feel better, but still not fulfilled yet
Did you know you’re the beloved of the Most High?
Looked upon with great joy by His own eyes.
Yes, He carefully designed you with hands
that built the heavens & earth and stars in the whole sky.
Yea, you were made to shine so bright - kinda like a todai -
in the high and the low tides.
You’re a clay pot built to show light;
a city on a hilltop living to show Christ.

Track Name: No Other Place
Sam Ock:
Imagine: close your eyes, think beyond
to infinity, hear the everlasting song
of the Trinity, and the angels near the throne
of Divinity, and the saints are all home
yea the remedy is the soul saving glory
of the King and He on the right hand of history
the mysteries, being constantly revealed
silence in the heavens with removal of the seals
Reality: we the servants are saints
yea we’re called to be rejoicing in the rain
with a canopy of assurance in His grace
and His sovereignty, so we never stop the praise
and I was made to be enjoying in my King
amazingly and beautifully in every little thing
and to You Lord, we let the church bells ring
unified in one voice, hear all the saints sing!

Created with a divine agenda
Designed in splendor, inclined to render
Praise! The King who reigns without contenders
Sweeter than honeydew, the glory of His Splenda
Community with the Trinity
Honestly there’s no other place I wanna be
In the presence of the Deitys 'why I've been purchased
Soaking in the One who gave destiny its purpose
I'm fully Yours, even at Your disposal
My life is in Your hands in all-states, Jehovah
Father, Yahweh, Lord of all nations
My peoples, we were created to praise Him
Fellowship and communion with the living God
Perfection leaving His throne to come and save the flawed
So to You Lord, we let the church bells ring
Unified in one voice all the saints sing

J. Han:
I see the continents of doubts
drifting in the deep sea of everlasting clouds
and swimming in my daydreams; time to get my towel
dry myself off from the spit of all the owls.
I’m tired from all their yakking; making all these vows,
selling me their counterfeit religions in a shroud
got me all confused, telling me to go and crouch
underneath the wings of what they call a cash cow.
Man, enough of all this nonsense! I’m sick of all these wolves
dressing up in extravagant sheep clothes.
Yo, with so many voices in this world how do you weed out
truth from all the loud growls and enticing meows.
I was told the gospel gives me freedom, and it’s true.
Cause now I got direction; my identity renewed.
In gratitude to You Lord, we let the church bells ring
unified in one voice, hear all the saints sing!
Track Name: Beauty
Sam Ock:
Lord, your glory it shines
through progression of time
through creation of it all
the God of the universe, he cares for the small
Lord, your beauty it shines
through progression of rhyme
through the change in the seasons
the holy creator unmatched in his reason
Lord, your mercy it shines
through the cross and my crimes
through the blood of the Lamb
the one savior, fully God, fully man!
Lord, your glory it shines
through progression of time
through creation of song
the God of the universe, to you we sing along

i see the stars, i see the moon shine
i see the rain, i see the sun rise
i see the earth, i see how it cries in praise, to you

See the beauty of creation and our wonderful creator.
Astonished by the works of His hands, ain’t nobody greater.
Intelligent design with the precision of a laser.
I cannot deny that He is my Father, Darth Vader.
Man, We have been lavished with grace in abundance, yo!
Cause our idolatry should have put us in a dungeon, bro.
It’s a little thick to swallow, hit ‘em with a hummus flow.
For those abiding in Christ unmerited favor comes in a hundred fold.
Well say it loud, we’ll say it proud,
Jesus is Lord; King above all kings wearing the crown.
Homie, I put it down, my pride that is;
it’s his loving kindness that frequently draws me in.
I lay it all before His feet; rejoice in the heat
cause I know my Lord’s refining me like a piece of fine jewelry.
Tomfoolery, shenanigans, and hate will have to go.
Gaze upon the glorious one cause He is running the show!


Looking at the stars, galaxies, universe
The planets Jupiter, Mars, to the Earth
The world created with such marvelous scenery
Weaving colors into Your patterns, seeing it vividly
Beautiful waterfalls, demanding admiration
So vast in creation when I see aquatic crustaceans
Exotic mammals, animals, some with crazy design
Reminds me of the infinite attributes of Your mind
Who would've thought, grass, flowers and trees
With a summer breeze could ease a heart to comfort and peace
Shifting seasons summer, spring, fall, to winterous snows
Giving character and personality to the globe
Creating humankind to inhabit all You created
Man and woman, You fearfully and wonderfully made 'em (Psalm 139:14)
The most beautiful of all that You've produced
We're favored ‘cause You made us in the image and likeness of You

Track Name: Everywhere
You are everywhere
You surround me Lord with Your graceful care
So open my eyes to Your sovereign plans
I surrender my life into Your hands

You’re everywhere at any time, at any time You’re everywhere beyond the limits of time
Creator of time, maybe given to help us measure and understand what it means to wait on the Divine
No limitations to Your nature is major
Knowing You are patiently there through the good and the failures
I can never be without the One who is greater
Newly created in Christ is bonded to the Creator
Your will is my sanctification (1 Thess. 4:3), circumstances I’m facing; Your grace is amazing!
You turn’em around from pain into praising
Countering attacks into ways I can praise You
Your Sovereignty is astonishing
How the Cosmic King dwells inside of me
Past iniquity He’s relinquished me
From the tyranny of chaos to His symphony


Sam Ock:
Give me eyes to see
My life in light of eternity
so i can know You in your pain
I know for me You felt the same
Upon that cross You died
You shine Your light into my life
So open my eyes to Your sovereign plan
i surrender my life into Your hands


J. Han
In the seasons when I’m all out of luck.
In the moments when I’m all crawled up.
In the days when I’m feeling really drained
running in a loopy maze of a life and begin to feel jaded.
I’m hidden in my bunker when the war goes on
while singing a somber song.
It’s the beginning of my demise.
All of my hope is gone; I am but just a pawn.
My life’s feeling like a neglected tool.
When I dine with the swine, is God there too?
If I get the short end of the stick,
will I be able to build a grand staff with the twigs?
But then I’m reminded I’m a beloved
son of a God who’s got dominion over the summit.
Romans 8:28 - man, I stand on it.
This is gonna be my banner; put a flag on it!

Track Name: You Lift Me Up
You delivered my soul from condemnation, keep me from stumbling (Psalm 56:13)
In the toughest of times, keeping me in line,
through the trials and the oppositional sufferings
Losing everything I ever worked for, thinking life is over, so I turned to You
Then You showed me that losing everything to gain Christ
is the pinnacle of life, eternal life is knowing You
In the midst of my suffering, there You are standing close never remaining afar
Giving me child-like faith, I know You'll catch me Father if I let go of the bars
There is no other like You, there is no other that's true
Faithful with never-ending compassionate lovingkindness in everything that You do!
Hosanna, Hosanna, yes, You are mighty to save
Hosanna, Hosanna, Hallelujah, You conquered the grave!
My Savior, You lift me up when my heavy heart is weary
My Redeemer, Your love never fails and is always constantly near me!
My Shelter and my refuge, the One who knows my heart
For the joy set before You, our salvation, You endured the cross (Hebrews 12:2)
So I consider all my sufferings at the present time
Unworthy to be compared with the glory that will be revealed to us! (Rom. 8:18)

Hook - Sam Ock:
You lift me up Lord Jesus, lift me on eagle's wings
You lift me up Lord Jesus, lifting my heart to sing
You lift me up Lord Jesus, You are my everything
Jesus, apart from You, I can't do anything

O Lord, You’re incredibly patient; Your love, it overwhelms.
Though I mess up every single day you hold me close;
in Your house, I choose to dwell.
Sometimes my ways are crooked, misguided, or straight up wrong.
Often I put up a front, for my friends, that I am strong.
I don’t wanna show my weakness;
I gotta have it all together when I’m talking bout Jesus.
I must be perfect; Who wants to listen to a guy who’s flawed and conceited?
Look at your other brothers with solid discourse and are never flustered;
you need to brush up on your speech, it’s lacking luster.
My best was never good enough; compared to other saints I didn’t measure up.
I failed again. Man, I feel like giving up.
Such an empty life; God, I need Your holy touch.
My heart said I didn’t need your mercy, but you called my bluff.
You saw right through me; I’m just a little kid trying to act all tough.
My calloused heart turned fleshy; the walls are crumbling down.
I don't need to look a certain way; I don't gotta have a certain style.
I've regained my vision and my sin has been exposed.
God, thank you for setting me straight back on this narrow road.

Track Name: For The Day
Sam Ock:
Often i think that my resolve is weak and weary
often i lay awake at night with a heart of fearing
for i perceive my unrepentant flesh is gaining new life
even though i know the reassurance that is in Christ
For sin, seizing an opportunity comes alive
through Your commandments, i struggle with deceptive lies
for I don’t understand why I do the things I hate
and the things your spirit’s longing for I lock behind a gate
You show me the infinite times Your love I deny
Lord You put me through these desperate times, I really wonder why
and I label myself a wretched, worthless boy
for all the blessings You lavish upon me I just destroy
But then You lift me up to Calvary You focus my eyes
upon my King upon the cross where He suffered and died
I remember that all of my sin was there crucified
Spirit, I surrender all, may You truly sanctify

The heart's deceitful, when people ask how my walk is doing
I pursue to respond between the lines, hiding my sins from viewing
I'm doing great, been in the word, my prayer times increasing
But even in these deeds, my love for Jesus seems decreasing
How can this be, I'm tryn’a do what the word is speaking
But this fleeting heart is feeding on this religious being
So now I'm striving for the Spirit cause the letter kills
Desires turned to mechanics deterred me from the Father's will
Waiting for His voice, led and guided by His Spirit
My worship is getting more passionate, I must be near Him
I'm feeling closer, but as time progressed my emotions
Were the determining factor if I was in fact closer, this roller coaster
Had me addicted to this experience ride
Thought I was chasing my God, but I was chasing a high
Lord, without You I'm skipping from the narrow to wide
Save me from this heart that’s prone to create idols inside

Hook - Sam:
*Lord, we wait for the day
Forever we’ll sing to you

My pride is ever growing, it’s given birth to sin.
It’s dangerous I know it, killing me slowly within.
I’m rotting away while my outside looks so alive.
My image is preserved as a sinless kind of guy.
My focus shifted from an audience of one
to a crowd of thousands; Christ reliance? probably close to none.
Was I thinking I could do this on my own strength? I’m foolish.
I was okay, but fruitless; yo, my own ways were toothless.
(Huh?) How’d it get to this point of apathy with a bare cup.
Vacant of the living water (yup); neglecting just to be filled-up.
I’m caught up all in the vanity and busyness of my life.
Only concerned for my checklist, while deserting Christ.
Fill me up with Your Spirit, (Lord!) Draw me closer to Your side.
Kill indifference with Your intimate love; arms opened so wide.
I act like I don’t need your grace, in fact I need it now.
This weak and weary heart of mine is Yours; we sing it loud

Track Name: No Turning Back
Living life to the rhythm of society
Hypnotizing melodies playing from these idolatries
Indulging in the flesh, absence of piety
Variety of godless activities causing rivalry
Chasing the world and everything that was gratifying
I was really dying but deceived like it was satisfying
My treasures were wordly pleasures, no denying
Sin seasoning the taste of death to be extremely
appetizing Finding my worth in temporal things that
passed away Finding my worth was temporal then
passed away Followed my hearts desire, hollow’s the
hearts desire Chasing deluded dreams, polluted streams
of life perspired The stench of death like a shadow
looming over me If only there was someone who could
break the mold that’s holding me Praise be to Jesus, the
saving Christ who took hold of me I’ll follow You who
gives the righteousness that’s now upholding me

Hook 1:
I have decided to follow Jesus
I have decided to follow Jesus
I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back, no turning back

Sam Ock:
Look at the bricks that I’ve built upon the beaten sand
Look at my life that was struggling with the Potter’s
hand Look at the kingdoms and the riches vast upon the
earth Look at the amalgamation of the things I’m worth
I see the cross tear asunder all the things I’ve built
I see the heavens rend and wash away the miry guilt
I see the perfect sacrifice upon the splintered tree
I see the wrath, poured on You, but wasn’t for me?
I throw away the legacy that I was trying to leave
I throw away the lust and passion of the things I see
I cast aside all the promises I made with flesh
I pray for resurrection from my dreams put to death
I have tasted and I’ve seen the glory of my King
My God of Justice, Lord of Love, in this song I sing
In surrender to the Master and his perfect plan
I throw away the world and run to where my Father

The cross before me, the world behind me
The cross before me, the world behind me
The cross before me, the world behind me
No turning back, no turning back

I’ve was searching for the truth, been told that I’m so open minded.
But when I found it people laughed and said that I’ve been blinded.
Proclaiming Christ has given me purpose and set me on a better road
with better goals means I’m ignorant and pitiful? *grunt*
I’m tryna live for the Lord, but yo I need some support.
My parents are telling me my “holy” ambitions fall short
of their expectations and dreams for my life.
What do I do when folks around me hate the message of Christ?
Will I dishonor my family?
Why’s it damaging every single relationship? I’m tired from all this battling.
Internal struggle; my thoughts are jumbled inside this jungle of a mind;
I need direction, I keep straddling this line.
In Your word, You said persecution and opposition
is expected for those who follow Your great commission.
Harvest is plenty, workers are few
Romans 8 is in my heart; let me partner up with You!

Though none go with me, still I will follow
Though none go with me, still I will follow
Though none go with me, still I will follow
No turning back, no turning back
Track Name: Worthy is the Lamb
Sam Ock:
Witness, the power of the one and living God
over each and every nation, the prostitutes and frauds
the back-slidden, sin-ridden breakers of the law
the sick of singing, least-giving pharisees and all
of the people who haven’t found their place
who love without purpose and they don a smiling face
slaves to the flesh, tongues sickening in taste
witness, the power of His everlasting grace:
I was once a little boy, slave to my flesh
a young bird trying to leave the safety of the nest
seeking out the pleasures that the world had to offer
unbelief flowing through my veins with no stopper
The law was written on my heart but I rejected it
I learned the art of apathy and I perfected it
expecting it to lead me down a path of gratification
drunk and intoxicated with my carnal sensations
Who could love a kid addicted to his own guilt
Who could heal a mind bent on suicidal tilt
Who could save a man hateful and lying
Who could ever love a fool hopeless and dying
Behold Jesus on the cross crucified x3
the Lamb married to the bride in blood, “justified!”

Worthy is the Lamb, worthy to be praised!
Worthy is the Lamb, worthy to be praised!
Worthy is the Lamb, worthy to be praised!
He saved me from iniquity and hid me in His name! (Col. 3:3)

Worthy is the Lamb, worthy to be praised!
Worthy is the Lamb, worthy to be praised!
Worthy is the Lamb, worthy to be praised!
He died and rose again, forever His Kingdom reigns

J. Han:
I would look at myself, never to other people.
I was the king of my jungle, looked down upon the feeble.
Started back in middle school; thought I was cool
cause I was one of few dudes who repped hip-hop in my inner crew.
Identity distorted, started thinking my worth
was derived from associations with rappers in a chorus.
My pride grew alongside my knowledge of the culture.
As I got older, my arrogance acted like a vulture.
Biting the heads off of the ignorant and weak sauces.
Showing no regard or remorse for all of the weak-hearted.
I held the crown and did whatever I wanted.
I flaunted vanity and accolades; humility was thwarted.
Plus I claimed to know God; but that was all phony.
Didn’t know the sacrifice on Calvary was all for me.
I was unaware that I was given a new life.
Free to live in the law of liberty that is in Christ.


Living in ignorance, no sense of His preeminence
Given into sensuality, drunkenness was imminent
Immorality, drug addictions was my etiquette
Prerequisite to knowing me was blazing trees and drinking fifth's
Sunday goer, weekly attendant, strolling in hungover
Singing hymns, empty hearted words towards Jehovah
Worship was non-existent, committment? not my interest
I hated to go to church, why does God give me so many limits
Rebellious was my characteristics
Did everything I could to satisfy my fleshy wish list
Enticed by the kisses of the enemy
The father of lies had me speaking his native tongue creatively
Mastered the art of hiding my sins externally
Internally, my soul tied to a fiery infirmiry
For years I didn’t care till things began to turn in me
Losing everything like my life was victim of a burglary
He gives and takes away, so now I see what He did for me
Losing everything to gain Christ, what a luxury!
Where would I be without His grace and Sovereignty
To Sovereignly choose to turn my life from this apostasy
Changing my nature where sin was the hottest commodity
To a heart pursuing righteousness and not hypocrisy
Removing my iniquities, convicting me
Giving me a ministry to exalt the One who's given me victory!

Romans 5:6-10
6For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. 7For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die. 8But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. 9Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him. 10For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.
Track Name: New Creation
Oh, I am a new creation
Given new life through salvation
Livin’ in regeneration
And I shout to the nations (oh)
Yo, I’m feeling like a new man.
Given a purpose; now I got a new plan.
Done with the juvenile; Now I’m pruning out
all my childish ways, bye Peter Pan.
Homie, let me get my grown-man on
by putting on the garments of Christ!
Did you know a real man is the one who loves God,
not the person winning every single fight.
We’re invited to a celebration, a banquet.
It’s not the time for stoic, get sanguine.
Dance for the Lord, we got no shame.
We’ll boogie to the rhythm and make a soul train.
Let’s fill up the streets with our praise,
and get ‘em thinking it’s a Macy Day Parade!
Get up! Go ahead and get your groove on.
They say we’re crazy; but we’ll keep on rolling
like an oolong.
get up and run, yea we get up and go
got a new sound hear the heavenly flow (ho!)
Regenerated, deviated from a sinful life, alleviated
By Jesus Christ, recreated, new nature, my season
changes Desired sin, inebriated; now desire Him reinstated
To the family of God, feast is waiting, for His
children whose faith ceased to be shaken
A new man with new plans, given by the Father,
Ephesians 2:10 Living in the One who sits on the right
hand Clothed in the garments of the God/Man
Branching out from a new Vine, with a new life
Yielding fruit from the true Light, given new sight
Living proof of the true might driven through Christ
Regenerated, this generations taking the nations to
new heights
Sam Ock:
For the past and I are through
for You have set me free
From my flesh and now I’m grounded in Your truth
So Lord won’t You heed my cry
leave my heart dissatisfied
with anything but You
with anything
Track Name: Your Word
All Scripture is infallible and God-breathed
From the Pentateuch through the kings to the prophecies
Revealing the redemptive qualities of our King
Saving creation from depravity and satans regime
Living in the new covenant, Christ is dwelling within
The Word of God refining my soul, exposing my sin
Giving wisdom to equip myself from devil attacks
The Bible's all I pack for the journey like Moses's staff

You wanna hear the voice of God, then read it!
If you wanna hear the living words to life, then read it!
If you wanna hear the written words of Christ, then read it!
Sola Scriptura stands alone, no other text is needed!

I’m fighting like a lion, can you tell that I am dying?
Daily killing my desires, keep on lighting up that fire.
Those Garments of the old man, I’m trashing that attire.
Putting on the robes of Christ, no longer a squire.
I gotta quit playing around, it’s time to man-up.
We got the bread of life, nourishment, our daily manna.
I’m done living life defeated; my spirit, I will feed it
with the truth of the gospel cause, brother, I will really need it.


Sam Ock:
Wake up! Feel the shaking in your bones!
Fix your eyes upon the Savior on His throne.
If you say you know Jesus but your life, it hasn’t changed,
just listen and you’ll hear His word screaming out your name!
You don’t go into battle without your weapons.
“Arms up!” means the truth is what you rest in!
This is the word that is straight from our King.
If you don’t live by it, then you don’t have anything!


I’m sick of mediocre, stagnation terminated.
Planted by the brook, homie no need to be irrigated.
Delight in His laws, on it meditate from night to the dawn.
We heard His message now we respond.
Yo, we got the armor of God, his sword in our palms.
While we engage in the front lines our souls will be calm.
Though the tribulations rise around me I will stand firm
in my faith; declare 1 peter 5, that’s His word.

May your words be mine own
Lord, my lips they shall exalt your throne
With every beat of my heart I’ll seek your truth
The source of life is found in You

Sam/ CL/ J.Han:
How can a man keep his ways upright in purity
By keeping it according to His Word, grow in maturity
His word is a lamp unto my feet, lighting up the path
Leading to the One who saved us from a holy, righteous, wrath
Christ the Word abiding in the hearts of true believers
Changing up the game, making honest people from deceivers
Truth that sets us free, the treasure which enriches the soul
Your Word sanctifies the sinner, Lord You’re making me whole

Track Name: Wonderful
Where is my hope
Where is my joy, but founded in You
Oh, how glorious
I’ll walk this road
to my heavenly home, eternally with you LORD
so give me life anew/how wonderful the view

Fountains of joy overflowing in my inner springs
Quenching my thirsty soul with the life the Gospel brings
Jesus, His name alone kindles the heart within
Granting me access to His Kingdom when I was forbidden
Yea, changing the tides of my emotion
Calming stormy seas into waves of devotion
Keeping me afloat in the boat of His grace
Sailing with the wind of His Spirit in my face
Seas of forgiveness flowing deeper than convictions
Peace and uplifting from my fellow Christians
Membership with the body is such a gifting
Brothers and sisters gathering like family tradition
A taste of living from the Master's kitchen
Loaves of daily bread holding the meat that He's giving
Family, food, and life in the One who is risen
Fulfilling my every need, Lord You are more than sufficient


Peace is what I got
though I’m getting hit by potshots from my pops.
Love’s filling up my cup all the way to the top
though I feel like he’s a tempest in a teapot.
Despite of what I’m feeling, I choose to honor Him,
and I choose to serve Him, homie (check the homonym).
If you have received this unmerited favor,
you’ll say, “sayonara, entitlements; see you later.”
It’s no longer all about my freedom and my rights.
Now it’s all about reflecting the goodness of Christ.
Man I got this joy overflowing, I gotta let it out.
If I try to build a levee, the waves will knock it down.
You can try to stuff it in a kettle or any metal.
But it cannot be contained, call it Hansel and Gretel.
I am feeling so refreshed by this wonderful morning
cause I got to drink from the cup that He’s pouring out for me.

Sam Ock:
So we’ll get up and dance for the King who reigns
we’ll get up and sing to the grace refrain:
How wonderful You are, how wonderful You are!
Yea we’ll get up and dance for the King who reigns
we’ll get up and sing to the grace refrain:
How glorious You are, how glorious You are!
And i remember there is no condemnation
found shame-free in the Lord of the nations
if you’re holding onto flesh, then let go
the rhythm to living is founded in the grace flow
may your character grow and mold, walking the chosen road,
melting the hearts of stone, loving the young and old,
no you are not alone, for the victorious one, He will never let you go, so!

Track Name: People's Song
OH, can you see the glory?
OH, can you see the glory
of our king over everything (yea, we're going to give)
PRAISE, for your name is holy
PRAISE for the one and only
yea we'll sing a new song today! (EY)
fill our tongues with your heavenly praise! (EY)

Sam Ock:
This is a song for the beauty in the broken
blessedness flows from the words that are spoken
From the book of life, won't you take heed
can I get a big "AMEN" for the words that we'll see; AMEN!
"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for heaven is yours
blessed are those who mourn, for comfort he pours
blessed are the meek; the earth is given to your hands
blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteous plans AMEN!
"blessed are the merciful and those who forgive
blessed are the pure in heart for you will see him
blessed are the peacemakers, for you are God's ones
and all those persecuted for the one Son" (Matt 5:2-10) AMEN!
the more obedient you are, the brighter you shine
the more you seek worship, His joy you will find
so let us persevere through every single doubt
we the people of God, together we shout!


Can you see the glory in the story
Jesus so immaculate, didn't attack, He acted with
Compassionate actions while taking the lashings
When He could've smashed the enemy without the slightest of challenge
But He showed a new way of living, forgiving
Grace and mercy, carry one another's burdens cause we're all hurting
He's the One preserving us from decay, He's lighting the way
That we'd be salt and light for today
We the people of God, disciples called to be the salt
The world's decaying every moment so creation's crying out
We're the preservative, taking informative action
Formative influence, where producing thirst for Christ is the proper reaction
Just as salt brings out the flavor so the food gets noticed
Our lives shine brightly to the blind so Christ becomes the focus
Reflecting His image, we're bearers of His light
Meaning we shouldn't be hidden, we're freely forgiven and given a mission to free the imprisoned


One for the people who are staying on the grind.
Two fingers up for the great victory in Christ.
Three persons in the trinity we're tryna mimic;
living in community - this is how it's supposed to be.
We are declared as the children of the Lord,
heirs of the kingdom - never anything lower.
We got the spirit of adoption as sons,
by whom we cry, "Abba, Father" with deep love.
We know that in all things, God works for the good
of those who love Him, who've been called according to His purpose.
My life's like a circus; how could
anybody redeem this broken and shoddy pot and make it perfect?
Let me point you to the greatest Architect
He only makes the best; the mysteries of providence
won't be fully understood - but, brother it's all good.
We're living in true identity - no more false hood!

2 Corinthians 5:20-21:
20Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. 21He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.
Track Name: Triumphant
Isaiah 53:2-5
“He had no form or majesty that we should look at Him, and no beauty that we should desire Him. 3 He was despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces, He was despised, and we esteemed Him not. 4 Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed Him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. 5 But He was pierced for our transgressions; He was crushed for our iniquities; upon Him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with His stripes, we are healed.

Talk of the town was that the Messiah was on His way.
Palm branches laid across the road like cloaks of chambray.
People were cheering and celebrating with great joy.
They were clapping and worshipping God with great noise.
The Pharisees spewed their hatred, told the crowd to die down.
But if they ceased to praise, the stones surely would’ve cried out!
The fulfillment of prophecies embodied in this man of glory
entered the city on a donkey? This’ a Cinderella story.
But then it gets gory as the Son of Man
sees hell opened up before Him - He could barely stand it.
Though He was innocent, He was whipped and gashed,
stripped and laughed at, and was forced to wear a thorn crown as a cap.
Nails through His wrist and feet, then hung up on a wooden beam.
See His body, bruised and abused, dangling there for humanity.
Yo it was all a part of the Father’s plan to redeem the sinful people
giving them a way by sending Jesus, the spotless Lamb to die for their evil.

This is our King; lift your praises, go and sing it loud!
This is our King; our allegiance to Christ, we say it proud!
This is our King; exalted above the highest throne!
He’s coming BACK on His chariot to take us home!

This is our King; lift your praises, go and sing it loud!
This is our King; if we’re silent even the stones will shout!
Jesus our King; exalted above the highest throne!
He’s coming BACK on His chariot to take us home!

Sam Ock:
Words could not express the sorrow in those darkened hours
The perfect Lamb...dead, the followers they cowered
It appeared that sin had beaten down the one they thought
To be the Son of think His body would rot!
So the women they visit the grave the third day
They find the entrance to the tomb open, rolled away!
They see the empty deathbed, empty strips of linen
A man dressed in white declares to them that “He is risen!”
The Son of Man, victorious over sin and death
Crushing the serpent’s head, overcame the sinner’s debt
Enduring all the wrath of God for the adam’s stains
Opening the gate to Eden, where His holy presence reigns
And the message He gave when He left us, was a mission to carry this news
The Spirit he gives to all men, who carry the cross of Christ to all Jews
and every gentile that the risen one of God is the only way to eternal life
given in surrender, risen in perfection, live out the name of Jesus Christ!


Eyes blazing with fire, blood dripping from His robe and attire
He’s coming back with the armies of heaven, nobody knows what time or the hour
Like a thief in the night, He’s seeking the righteous ones patiently waiting for the groom
Jesus the Christ, who’s seeking the light, burning in the lamps in those refusing to move (Mathew 25:1-13)
He’s treading the wine press of fury releasing His judgement over the wicked
I say this with urgency to unbelievers and those who haven’t submitted
He’s coming back with a vengeance, releasing a wrath poured out from the heavens
A fiery lake of sulphur awaiting the devil and those in rebellion
But those of the remnant, Jesus leads us into the gifts of the Groom
The rooms He prepared in His Father’s house in John chapter 14 verse 2
His children are revealed, creation no longer anxiously waits (Romans 8:19)
Adoptions final course where the sons and daughters are taking their place
A new heaven and earth, a New Jerusalem descends (Rev. 21:1-4)
Making His dwelling with man wiping away the death and the pain, safe in His reign
Eternally perfect, glorified bodies, oh how He’s worthy
His Sovereign plan completed, the Garden of Eden restored for His glory

Revelation 21:6-7
“It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life. He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son.