Move EP

by Sam Ock

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released November 23, 2013

Produced and Mixed by Sam Ock
Mastered by One Up Mastering
Artwork done by Yuris Kim



all rights reserved


Good Fruit Co.

Our passion is to engage culture to nourish souls and renew lives for Christ through music.

This hope is rooted in the Gospel message that, "God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)
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Track Name: Every Moment
Verse 1:
see, my heart is on fire
for all of my hope is slipping through these cracks
of all my sin...
i know that You know these things
this journey's taking all the strength i have..

but You would (take me in/pick me up) again
this fallen, beaten, state i'm in
(with/in) You i know that i have everything
and i wonder

will it be today, or maybe tomorrow
that i find my strength in You?
for the road is long with sunshine and sorrow
but still i cherish every moment with You!

yes i do! (right here,) when i'm with You!

Verse 2:
see, i'm weary, i'm tired
but You give me peace of mind through all my days
and all my nights
i know that You're guiding me
so every doubt i have will fade away


there is no better place
of love and amazing grace
no more tears or pain
'til then i will never cease to pray!

Track Name: Moving On
i want to have eternity’s road
in the depth of me, in the map to my soul
and i want to know how to deal with this heart
that is stuck and idling, it needs a new start
i long for the better life
i long for unending time
i long to know love and the way it was meant to be
i want to be free

**i wanna sing a beautiful song
i wanna be where i belong
so where do i go from here
where do i go from here
where can i go from here
but on?

can I say I get a little discouraged
to see the “better” looking souls moving on
can i say i want to get a bigger picture
of more than this little fickle heart longs
the only way to grow is looking forward
the only way to know is looking past
all the things that want to keep me in the same place
all the things that want to make me step back
i’ve gotta cast all the lies aside
i’ve gotta kill all the shame and pride
i’ve gotta open this stone cold heart
and let the Divinity work and start
‘cause when i look around and see the times change
i get a little scared that i won’t be the same
but i guess that’s a good thing
‘cause i’m living everyday to make my soul sing

Track Name: Here I Go
**here i go, far away
i’ll keep running in this race
from my sin & from my shame
i’m renewed, i’m not the same
and i won’t, won’t look back
‘cause Your grace keeps me on track
my song will never cease
for in You i am free!

ever before? yea, i need it more than that
my lifestyle’s a backpack, tattered and black
it’s wack...i mean it’s like i’m hiding all the ugly bits
only showing new kicks, they ain’t even the half of it
i’m mastering the art of plastering with white wash
the pastor tells me that it’s legalism and i’m lost
you’re right...i’m circling around the sin and shame
it’s hard to see the white with a canvas full of stains
but the rain already came, the gavel already fell
the savior of the world took it all on himself
to show me that my struggle’s already won
the gun was unloaded on the perfect one, the son of man
i know in my weakness or fickle heart
everyday i’m given a new life, a new start
‘cause i know my inheritance isn’t from here
so watch me run to the future, without fear!


every time it feels the same to me
You tell me i’m loved, You tell me i’m free
(but i do not feel it)
and i know the crutch is my own helpless state
of my own refusal to take Your grace
i’ll keep no confidence in what i do
i’ve known that you know me right through and through
and i will now abandon my own throne
to run to the light, won’t you watch me go
Track Name: Me vs. Me
what am i supposed to feel
when i know that i am wrong
but at the same time i’m forgiven
through and through…

what am i supposed to feel
when the guilt is soaking in
and there’s Your love it’s just the same
but still i knew…

a civil war is taking place between my head and heart
it’s taken up my arms, my tongue, all my bodyparts
when will the cycle of belief in You or myself end?
don’t stop giving me grace…

**i won’t let me get me down
i won’t let me get me down anymore
i won’t let me get me down
because the Son illuminates the dark
and shine, shine, shines on me

every day it feels the same
no forgiveness, am i insane?!
‘cause i always defeat myself
oh i need you (no i don’ i don’t need you here right now)

the civil war it just won’t end between my head and heart (won’t You take it away now…)
it’s taken up my arms, my tongue, all my bodyparts (don’t want it anymore...)
when will the cycle of belief in You or myself end? (make it stop!)
don’t stop giving me grace…


oh if they only knew all my troubles all my pains
all my dirt and all my stains
all my crimes against Your fame

oh if they only knew that You washed it all away
with the blood on calvary
what a painful, glorious way that You forgave

Track Name: Something Divine
doesn’t it seem strange
that even when your mind says so
your hearts says “no, just wait and see how it feels
to fall in love with something real”
mysteries of life
speak the metaphysical, a world so full of life
oh Christ, it must be You!
the melody it leads me to

**something divine
in the perfect harmony
with a lovely melody
crafted with care
and it leads me to hear…

call it theory but i want to call it life math
call it melody but i call that my soul’s path
call ‘em chords and let ‘em pluck the heart strings
call ‘em instruments but they’re with what the heart sings
the semiotics and semantics of a man’s life
through the language of harmony, the soul’s knife
dividing moments in the memory, the many scenes
and i embrace the deepest part of me, bittersweet
the boom bap beat or maybe how the horns play
the soft touch of keys put some color in my grey
take me to a place of mine, there’s the real me
no mask, just the mirror called the music, see
call me overly romantic or religious
i feel impressions of the Maker in the rhythms
and many times i feel my words amount to nothing
but in a song, there is something…

Track Name: I Believe
won’t you keep
telling me that it will be alright
‘cause all i seem to hear
is the steady beat of this lone heart

i’m surrounded by people but still my soul inquires
of this desire for more, of what i’m still here for

my mind and heart tell me these different things
oh the answers, i want to know
what it means to be a child of the Light

**i believe there is more than meets the eye
more to my own life, there is a perfect peace
and i am on my way
i believe in the neverending song
and that’s where i belong
i’ll never stop for i am on my way!

well aren’t you sick
and aren’t you tired of the sinful choices
that you make all the time
are you wishing for a steadfast mind?

and you know that you know that you’re running out
of places to hide away the things you hold inside

my mind and heart tell me these different things
oh the answers, i want to know
what it means to be a child of the Light

your mind and heart tell you these different things
oh the answers, you want to know
what it means to be a child of the Light
Track Name: Goodbye ft. J. Han
I admit that I’m a little bit defensive
I admit that I’m a sentimental fool
Many times I know that I could be a blessing
So I’ll keep on fighting every day for truth

A “goodbye” to the bitterness and silly things
To the name-brand products and the golden rings
A “goodbye” to the grudges and the memories
Of things that weigh me down and make me freeze
A “farewell” to the idols and the flashing lights
To the darkness and all that kills my soul’s light
“Goodbye” to anything and everything
This is my life’s anthem so hear it ring! (c’mon)

**Goodbye to everything, yes, everything I knew
Goodbye to anything that keeps me back from You
Goodbye to everything, yes, everything I do
Goodbye to anything that keeps me home from You!

[J. Han]
I’m saying, “sayonara” to the world. Nice knowing you.
Sick of all your empty promises and this growing bill.
Done trying to please everybody in the cosmos.
Chasing after nothing, just ended up in a grotto
All I ever knew: “build a name for yourself
and getting buddy-buddy with security & wealth.
Dreams colored red, white, and blue; painted with a yellow hue,
Decorated green c.r.e.a.m., scuffed black on the shoes.

So its “bye” to the old ways; here’s the homecoming.
The symphony is playing! I’mma hit the ground running!
Let the timpanis rumble. Hear the choir humming?
The angels are delighted! Can you feel the heavens buzzing?
[AWWWWEEE] It’s been a long time coming.
But we’re finally here, and I’m loving every moment!
So it’s cheers to the good life -- ain’t nothing better
and the song of the redeemed, unashamed, unfettered!