The Transition EP

by AMP

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Every transition we experience in life comes with unknown roads, untaken paths, and uncharted territories. Whether it’s a recent college grad concerned about his uncertain future, or a new parent wondering how to bring a precious but vulnerable little child into a scary world, each transition brings its own share of fear and anxiety to whoever is going through it.

Transitions also stretch and challenge us in ways we never imagined. AMP knows this well, because they’re going through those exact things. J.Han and Sam Ock are those college grads. CL is that new father. These are all brand new experiences they are dealing with, but it’s through these transitions that they've been able to realize something amazing.


released September 23, 2013

Written by J.Han, CL, & Sam Ock
Produced and Mixed by Sam Ock
Mastered by One Up Mastering
Add. Vox by Yuris Kim, Daniel Ji



all rights reserved


Good Fruit Co.

Our passion is to engage culture to nourish souls and renew lives for Christ through music.

This hope is rooted in the Gospel message that, "God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)
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Track Name: In Your Hands
J. Han:
I want Shalom; peace for my soul.
Joy for the moments when I’m feeling like a drone.
Strength every morning when I’m sipping on a Joe.
Serenity to follow The Way even when it’s cold
and seems to be growing a cove around me; anxiety is pounding
cause I’ve hidden these cobras for too long -- it’s astounding.
They’re biting me, slowly numbing out the voice of reason.
But was it really me who let these snakes leave a lesion?

In the light, you’ll see the plight of its shame.
My guilt refuses to look at it face-to-face
that mirror, tell me what you see, you coward.
Man-up to your problems cause you’re losing power
to stand eye-to-eye with your skeletons and declare
“you no longer hold the detonator to the snare!”
Hallelujah! Once again, dust the mire off your chest
Get up, put your robe on, then enter in His rest. Yes!

You are my life
for all that I have is in Your hands
You breathed in me life out of dust and sand
and here I stand astounded by this love

What do I have to fear?
For I am an heir to Your glorious fame
so let everything that I am proclaim
no other name, King Jesus, precious Lord
I live for you

It says it there in Phillipians 1:6
That He began a good work and He will finish it
But many times I wonder what I’m really doing
Whether it is success or Jesus I’m pursuing
‘Cause I feel pride like a hungry mad dog
Ready to pounce on any praise for my songs
But Lord, wasn’t it you who wrote my melody
You wrote the symphony of life, even the end of me!

So even when I’m doubting who You are and what I see
I’ll look into Your Word and trust your perfect sovereignty
For many times I know my fickle heart will run astray
But still in You I’ll trust and I’ll pray…

Life’s a crazy cycle, always switching gears
While the road aheads a mystery, foreign in its tiers
Fears of Fatherhood, could never be so clear
Having no control over what happens to my dear

All I can do is pray, raise her up, Ephesians 6
My act of worship as a father, lead discipleship
My act of worship as a husband, take initiative (Eph. 5:23)
Lead my home with a sacrificial love relationship (Eph. 5:25-27)

Miss the ministry and leadership serving the local church
But if I’m not leading my home, can’t be trusted with a herd (1 Tim. 3:1-5)
Many times we set to serve in extravagant ways
Is it why discipleship is missing in the home today?

Don’t wanna be the man; neglecting his family
Christian first, husband, father, then it’s the ministry
Praying for healthy homes, godly marriages and parents
To help build up the church where this need is so apparent
Track Name: Better
We’re all in it; no turning back; We out here! it’s kinda wack
how some rowdy cats talk about the Law and the Word like it’s just an almanac.
I’m like NAH, Sorry! This life is like a safari.
I was fishing for my purpose in a pool of calamari.
But it fell short; well, it’s alright. cause it shaped me;
crazy how my past woes and my daft goals were woven into this all white
robe I wear in His courts, yo. Perhaps the color is purple
cause I was deemed as royalty when Christ rose from that dirt, bro.

[Ugh] even if nobody goes with me, I’ll still choose to follow
The Way that, amazingly, saved my act like claps at the Apollo.
Bravo! Bravo! There is no one like Him!
I’ll shout it at the rooftops ‘til my voice sounds like a bison. [wut?]
Dad says I need to get serious and start working a real job.
You think I like to get jeered and mocked, just to hear the scoffs of Korean moms?
Each harsh word that I hear stings, burning deeper with each bite.
Regardless of what comes my way, there ain’t nothin’ better than this ride.

Listen to the sound
Of His glory and renown
‘Cause there is no better life than this
To be living for the King
Lord to give You everything
There is no better life than this!

Foolish (huh?), you tell me that i’m foolish?!
‘cause i got Living Water in my tool kit?!
‘cause i got a peace that’ll never cease, you want to tell me that i got to make an arguement & prove it?!
Who’s with me, all of the saints
living in Spirit and seeking true faith
giving their life for the Gospel and spreading a love and a joy like a rock that won’t shake!
I’m talking ‘bout discipline,
takin’ every temptation, we killin’ em
and even when i might FALL, my worth is not my work but my Christ and he took it all!
I feast in that true LOVE
true vulnerability in truth, cuz!
forgiven when I once was cursed
ain’t nothing better than a life that works!
i see a world that is broken
whether sex, money, drugs, or a red pen
i see the lovesick sick to their stomach and they’re reaching out to anything but His plan
but it’s a plan for the best
real worth, no hole in your chest
given real identity as a son, a daughter in the courts of the King, rest!
we’re living out that world view
to bring shalom, restoration, make the world new!
a steadfast love, all the saints we’re living proof
ain’t nothing better than to say that Jesus is the truth!


This life’s a battlefield, good and evil, but the war is won, living in the sequel
King Jesus reigns Supreme, no one equal, we stand in victory, soar like eagles
But the journey’s tough, no room for barrows, hard to walk and balance on a path that’s narrow
Marching home, clean the trenches, with a heart of fire and a will relentless

What fear of death is left for those, last breath we know, just another door
Enter paradise, with our King and Lord, YOLO, naw homie wrong way to go
We live eternal, don’t follow crowds, with our mind on heaven, guess our head in clouds
We live it loud, proud, unashamed, no self-promotion, just rep the King!

Aliens and foreigners, dying daily but no need for no coroners
We ain’t promised easy, or drama ceasing, but suffering builds the heart, believe me
Repaying bad with good, love our enemies, paradox to the world we’re living in
Saints are marching in, demons scattering, Jesus name got the cages rattling
Track Name: Loud
Blind man came to me, gave me little figurines,
mud pies, telling me they’re jewels, but I see the beach
a holiday at sea, yet I feel the pull of flesh
telling me that mud pies, filthy rags are really best

my tongue tastes sweetness but then the bitter
it bites back, weakness make my blood thinner
the narrow path is hidden in this valley of bones
dried up, but i see the breath of God give me hope

the same breath in the Word, also in me
filling me with truth, that the world cannot see
if it’s true then every love-sick soul around
suffocating every single minute in their own sound

their own song, their own screams, their own lies
every part of life muted by the devil screaming “DIE!”
so as You spit in mud to give the blind man sight
give me love to love the love-lost in this fight

He’s reaching down through the stars
to the broken and the proud (Can you see it?)
He’s got a song for your heart
Singing through the ones who live out loud (Can you hear it!?!?!?!?!)

What do we value, what’s guiding the culture
If everyone’s worshiping something, what’s the object we float to
Destination steering ships, navigating through storms cuz
Attainable rewards seem worth giving our lives for
But many wash ashore to empty, barren endeavors
Saddest moment s’when obtained desires doesn’t deliver
Crazy how we determine the value for material items
And end up chasin’em to find we define ourselves by’em

Ironic self-defeating worth got us stuck in these cycles
Placing hope in idols we created, hopeless disciple
Blindly follows wishful thinking as the road becomes wider
Left alone on his journey to acquire desires

Tragic story however, this the truth of the culture
If the ones who see don’t guide the blind, they’re food for the vultures
We weren’t saved to sit and decorate the walls of the church
But to bring The Message that revives the dead to new birth


J. Han:
I see an army of troops marching down the boulevard
strutting to the rhythm of the same drum; going hard
with the boom chicka, boom bap; in just a flicker
any one of them will jump at you with trigger-happy-fingers
pointed at you, ready to strike;
if you bad mouth their master, you got yourself a fight for the night.
But you can’t see them; well, they cannot even see themselves.
Lost in an image that they found when they were twelve.

Silly ain’t it? But at least they’re feeling something though
Yearning for attention, recognition, something visible;
physical assurance; bro, they need someone to tell ‘em
it will be okay, not just tokens of their venom
handed to them; building bridges with the felons of the town,
People looking at me funny; who’re those fellas you’re around?
Maybe I am out of place; but I was in their shoes.
Hope to point ‘em to The Grace that saved this wretched fool.
Track Name: Trust
Lord, do you even listen?
Maybe you’re not there?
Why’s everything against me?
Maybe you don’t care?

I am a wretch, I am a worm
I am addicted to these germs
Infecting my own heart
See it’s torn apart...

Chased the world filled with empty promises
Left abandoned, stripped of confidence
Ashamed in failure, remain anonymous
Hitting rock bottom but it seems it’s bottomless

Emotional state in disbelief
Job, finances, house, swept from under me
20 G’s a month to a Chapter 7
Drowning in the sorrows of my Great Depression

Washed ashore by waves of mercy
Beaten, battered, broken, thirsty
Hungry, weak, torn, filthy, dirty
What would Holy want with something so unworthy

But You picked me up, cleansed, renewed me
Eyes were blind, restored my viewing
To see Your Word pierce a heart of concrete
Raising life through the cracks of my defeat

I will trust in You
When all my world around may crash and burn
I will trust in You
I’m trusting in Your promise and Your Word

J. Han:
I mostly wander the road;
for this life is all I know;
pain, betrayal, and disappointments;
hard to call my house my home.
Sojourner is now my nature
I can feel fatigue in my bones.
Loneliness is my companion
and trust a detested foe.
I hate being misunderstood,
forsaken, and on my own.
Left in my mind to wallow
and fight with his heart of stone.
I just want my voice to be heard
Truly, I just want to be known.
Wanna feel the warmth of affection.
Wanna see that I’m not alone.

Lord, i know that you listen
i know that you’re there
for the cross and your affliction
was to show you care

up there you hung and their you cried
in you the wrath was satisfied
and arms spread wide you loved me
arms spread wide, you loved me!

I will trust in You
When all my world around may crash and burn
I will trust in You
I’m trusting in Your promise and Your Word

End Sam:
Lord, i will give you the pen to my soul
write me in your story for in you i am whole
so i will trust in you
when all the sands of life have washed away
i will trust in you
so promise me your love which never fades
Track Name: Ruler
J. Han:
As I survey the horizon, I see the manna.
The Sovereign One’s provision for the doubters; it’s a banner
for the people who’ve been down and finding it harder to stand-up.
Fear is dangling over your head like sledge hammers. (ah)
Disbelief has started becoming a close friend.
We’ve been trudging on this beaten path with no end.
Will this locked and closed door ever open?
All this toiling and perseverance is really getting old, man.

It’s difficult to trust when Your every pen stroke’s
writing a check I can’t cash, man I’m dead broke.
What are you making? It looks like a bunch of madness
I can’t decipher what you’re painting on this tattered canvas.
This little mind of mine’s wishing to resign.
Yet each move of Your brush is poetry -- so divine
My fickle heart is desperately trusting in every sweep,
hoping the final product turns out as a masterpiece.

I will give you glory
for no greater prize
than to see Your kingdom come
O ruler of my life
I am Yours

I say I live for Your glory, I submit to Your will
Raise my hands during worship, don’t conform to the world
But when I meditate upon Your truth, I’m stricken again
Do I really glorify You or seek the glory of men

How concerned am I about the church and those who don’t know You
When comfort determines obedience, can I say that I’m loyal?
Denying preferences don’t equal death to myself
When did discomfort defined what’s meant to carry the cross?

How weak and meager are men, unworthy in view of the truth
You are holy and righteous, there is nobody like You
Who’s in need of nothing, yet changes the hearts of the wicked
Not ‘cause You long for love, but love Your Son and rejoice in repentance

Why'd You die, saving sinners from the wrath we deserve?
Help me understand this crazy love relayed in Your Word
Be compelled for Your glory, no longer seeking my kingdom
I am Yours for Your will, to You I pledge my allegiance

I will give you glory
for no greater prize
than to see Your kingdom come
O ruler of my life
I am Yours

There is no greater satisfaction
There is no quintessential joy
Than knowing that I’m made for glory
To love the everlasting LORD

Let me shout it out...EVERYTHING WILL FADE!
Every tower, every brick that you’ve gone and laid
Any currency, and any white picket dream
Any sickness you’re afflicted with & every scheme
For the finitude of man feels the infinite
The limited edition human craves the limitless
There is no better bliss, Jesus help my unbelief
Tune my heart to sing with saints your kingdom song to never cease!
Track Name: Evermore
Lord, forgive me before I write this track
Many words I’ve written, many have been listening
But in the midst of it all, when You look at my walk
Feel like a hypocrite and not a Christian

Undeserving grace, love without condition
I don’t understand the desire to take it upon Yourself
Paying my mistakes, stand in my position
Bearing all the pain that I would no longer be missing

Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me
I was lost, now I’m found
Twas grace that led me here and I know that it’s grace that’ll lead me home

So I cling to Your garments, dragged by Your mercy
Desperate indeed, cuz I know I’m unworthy
Feed me the scraps, I’ll take what You give me
Just wanna be with my Father who saved me!

**what a glorious melody
To sing my savior's song
What a gift, eternity
To praise you now & evermore!

J. Han:
Getting tired of all of this small talk.
I think I need to retreat from this crowd.
Draw the deep waters out of my soul.
These buckets haven’t fetched in a while.
Shots of fun pale in comparison
to the pails of joy from His nile,
everlasting, never ending,
and it keeps flowing on and on for miles.

Please stir my fickle affections
they are prone to mix with the guile
and stupid antics of my heart;
mind wanders into the vile
labyrinth of my pride and envy
desiring to win my own renown.
and Yet You still call me Your child.
Holding me near and embracing with smiles. (wow)

I am given a robe washed in blood
A symbol of love and of sacrifice
My heart, so calloused and cold
Regarded as gold from the fire
By the streams of the blood
From your hands, from your feet
From crown on your head
To the very last beat of your heart
What a joy, what amazing love, your love

**what a glorious melody
To sing my savior's song
What a gift, eternity
To praise you now & evermore!

Sam (End):
i’ll let go
of things i’ve gone and done
of things i’ve lost and won
of battles with my guilt and filthy shame

i’ll let go
of times i’ve lingered on
of times still yet to come
of any worthless moment void of You

i’ll let go
of places and these things
for death has lost its sting
and victory is given with Your Word

i’ll let go
of hatred and my pain
of all the things i’ve stained
i’ll give them up to wash them in Your blood

i’ll let go
of ordinary days
of my own man-made ways
i’ll walk the path You light for me in faith

i’ll let go
of family and of friends
of any mean or end
that keeps me from the presence of my God

I’ll let go
of everything I’ve known
of everything I own
of everything that keeps me from your heart

I’ll let go
of every single thought
of every single word
of every single moment in this life

for i am made for never ending glory
for i am made alive in your great story