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Lord, forgive me before I write this track
Many words I’ve written, many have been listening
But in the midst of it all, when You look at my walk
Feel like a hypocrite and not a Christian

Undeserving grace, love without condition
I don’t understand the desire to take it upon Yourself
Paying my mistakes, stand in my position
Bearing all the pain that I would no longer be missing

Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me
I was lost, now I’m found
Twas grace that led me here and I know that it’s grace that’ll lead me home

So I cling to Your garments, dragged by Your mercy
Desperate indeed, cuz I know I’m unworthy
Feed me the scraps, I’ll take what You give me
Just wanna be with my Father who saved me!

**what a glorious melody
To sing my savior's song
What a gift, eternity
To praise you now & evermore!

J. Han:
Getting tired of all of this small talk.
I think I need to retreat from this crowd.
Draw the deep waters out of my soul.
These buckets haven’t fetched in a while.
Shots of fun pale in comparison
to the pails of joy from His nile,
everlasting, never ending,
and it keeps flowing on and on for miles.

Please stir my fickle affections
they are prone to mix with the guile
and stupid antics of my heart;
mind wanders into the vile
labyrinth of my pride and envy
desiring to win my own renown.
and Yet You still call me Your child.
Holding me near and embracing with smiles. (wow)

I am given a robe washed in blood
A symbol of love and of sacrifice
My heart, so calloused and cold
Regarded as gold from the fire
By the streams of the blood
From your hands, from your feet
From crown on your head
To the very last beat of your heart
What a joy, what amazing love, your love

**what a glorious melody
To sing my savior's song
What a gift, eternity
To praise you now & evermore!

Sam (End):
i’ll let go
of things i’ve gone and done
of things i’ve lost and won
of battles with my guilt and filthy shame

i’ll let go
of times i’ve lingered on
of times still yet to come
of any worthless moment void of You

i’ll let go
of places and these things
for death has lost its sting
and victory is given with Your Word

i’ll let go
of hatred and my pain
of all the things i’ve stained
i’ll give them up to wash them in Your blood

i’ll let go
of ordinary days
of my own man-made ways
i’ll walk the path You light for me in faith

i’ll let go
of family and of friends
of any mean or end
that keeps me from the presence of my God

I’ll let go
of everything I’ve known
of everything I own
of everything that keeps me from your heart

I’ll let go
of every single thought
of every single word
of every single moment in this life

for i am made for never ending glory
for i am made alive in your great story


from The Transition EP, released September 23, 2013
Written by J.Han, CL, & Sam Ock
Produced and Mixed by Sam Ock
Mastered by One Up Mastering
Add. Vox by Daniel Ji



all rights reserved


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Our passion is to engage culture to nourish souls and renew lives for Christ through music.

This hope is rooted in the Gospel message that, "God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)
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